In Partnership Solves Cash Conundrum With Flagstone

Cash as an asset can represent a significant challenge for wealth managers, creating a disconnect with their joined-up view of the client’s portfolio and compromising their ability to provide insight-led, timely investment advice. Compounding the issue, their clients have faced the unenviable challenge of scouring the market for the best rates in a challenging environment and the administrative hassle of opening multiple accounts to achieve the liquidity they need and avoid undue counterparty risk on sums in excess of the FSCS deposit protection limit.[1]

These challenges have historically resulted in sub-optimal outcomes for both the client and their wealth adviser.

Emphatically highlighting the importance of clients being able to identify and take advantage of the best rates available in the market on an ongoing basis, but failing to do so, a research study[2] last month revealed that over the last decade £188 billion of interest income that could potentially have been earned by individual depositors has not been realised, with inertia resulting in a staggering £166 billion of personal deposits languishing in accounts paying 0%.

To address this challenge, adviser network In Partnership is adopting a FinTech solution to this cash conundrum, announcing the appointment of Flagstone as their cash platform provider.

The platform will enable their clients to open multiple accounts with different banks through a single application, providing them and their advisers with a consolidated view of their balances and maturity events 24/7. 

Clients can easily filter and compare over 550 instant access, notice and term deposit rates provided by 30 high-street and challenger banks, then open and fund multiple accounts with just a few key strokes. Not only does the client benefit from access to market-leading and exclusive rates, and the opportunity to optimise their FSCS protection, but their adviser is provided with a more holistic view of the client’s wealth in order to provide advice.

Simon Merchant, Co-Founder and Co-Managing Partner of Flagstone, said:

“We look forward to working with In Partnership and helping their clients to address their two key concerns; maximising their interest income and minimising their risk.

Our existing partnerships with a number of the UK’s largest wealth management companies have already demonstrated the value that the platform can deliver for clients and their advisers. By using the Flagstone platform, making a client’s cash work harder is simple, improvements are immediately visible and future value is easy to demonstrate. It's a simple way for advisers to add value to their proposition and deepen their client relationships.”


Tim Coghill, Key Account Relationship Manager at In Partnership, said:

“Being able to manage cash holdings efficiently is fundamental to the needs of our clients. 

Flagstone’s innovative cash platform will enable clients to access market leading rates and open multiple accounts at the click of a button.”


1 The current Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) deposit protection limit is £85,000 per  
   depositor per authorised bank (and £170,000 for joint accounts)

2  ThisIsMoney - March 2019.






Flagstone is an FCA authorised and regulated fintech company (FCA reference numbers 676754 and 605504) located in London and founded in 2013. Flagstone’s online cash deposit platform enables companies, charities and individuals to earn more interest and reduce risk through diversification. Completion of a single application gives the client access to over 550 deposit accounts from 30 different banks and enables them to research and open accounts in just a matter of key strokes. The platform puts clients in control of their cash, giving them access to market-leading and exclusive rates from a growing panel of UK banks, consolidated reporting and regular new rate alerts to ensure that their cash is working as hard as possible for them 24/7. For more information, see or watch a short film explaining what we do and how it benefits clients by clicking here.  

All of the UK banks on the Flagstone platform are authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the PRA. Deposits placed with any of these banks via the Flagstone platform are afforded exactly the same Financial Services Compensation Scheme protection (i.e. £85,000 per individual depositor per authorised institution) as if the client placed the deposit directly with the bank.


In Partnership

In Partnership has 500+ adviser network members and enjoys the backing of global asset manager Russell Investments.


For more information please contact: 

Stephen Kiggins - Marketing Director, Flagstone

Direct:    07843 479 824




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