Protect and grow your cash.

With Flagstone, access hundreds of savings accounts from 60+ banks. All in one place, with a single application.
  • Manage all your savings with one password
  • Maximise your interest with exclusive rates
  • Secure your cash with FSCS protection
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Maximise your interest

Open hundreds of accounts from 60+ UK banks, including market-leading and exclusive rates. This is where cash goes to grow.

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Protect what’s yours

Split your cash between banks, for maximum FSCS protection on your eligible deposits up to £85,000 per banking group. Like a suit of armour for your savings.

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Escape the paperwork

Access hundreds of rates with one application, and manage your savings with one password. Arrivederci, admin.

See how it works

Calculate how much you can earn in interest

Use our cash deposit calculator to see how much interest you could be earning, whilst spreading your deposits to maximise FSCS protection.
The minimum deposit amount is £10,000 for personal applicants, and £100,000 for companies, & £1,000,000 charities and trusts.
Tell us what you are earning elsewhere so that we can show you how much more interest you could earn with a Flagstone account.
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The rates you'll find in the platform will depend on your personal circumstances, and the type of account you'd like to open with Flagstone. These rates have already had our share of interest deducted – you can learn more about share of interest here.

Rates may differ for joint accounts and FSCS protection, where eligible, increases to £170,000. If you are looking to open a joint account, please get in touch with us for an illustration.

If you have specific requirements not covered by our calculator, please contact us for a detailed illustration.

All UK-based banks and building societies on our platform are members of the Financial Service Compensation Scheme. Your eligible deposits are protected up to £85,000 per depositor per UK bank (£170,000 for joint accounts).

Protect and grow your cash in three simple steps

Manage your portfolio, maximise your interest, and keep your cash safe and secure. Only with Flagstone.

step 1

Apply for your Flagstone account

Start your guided application in just five minutes.

step 2

Fund your holding account

We hold your cash in an FSCS eligible HSBC account. You maintain 24/7 access.

step 3

Open savings accounts

Deposit your cash into as many savings accounts as you like, with multiple banks – all through Flagstone.

Start saving with just £10,000

Open an individual or joint Flagstone account with a minimum deposit of £10,000.

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Talk is cheap. Trust is earned.

We work with more banks than any other cash deposit platform. The choice is yours.

Flagstone is not

We are all many things. Here’s what Flagstone is not.

A bank

We’re not a bank. Instead, banks list their accounts on our platform – including exclusive rates – to reach more smart savers. Like yourself.

A comparison site

We go beyond comparison. With Flagstone, you can open and manage an entire savings portfolio in one place, with one password.

A wealth adviser

We don’t provide financial advice, but we do make it easy for you to protect, grow, and manage your cash.

How Flagstone makes money

For each savings account you open through Flagstone, we receive a small share of the interest. We deduct that share before we feature any savings account on our platform – so the rate you see will always be the rate you receive.

Our fee model for joint and individual accounts →

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