Protection Of Cash In Uncertain Times

Being able to offer a solution for cash which not only provides your clients with the peace of mind they desire, but also retains your visibility of this asset and your ability to continue to provide holistic advice encompassing it - has arguably never been more important.

It has been two months since the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee reduced the base rate for the second time in a single week to an historic low of 0.10% and market average rates have subsequently fallen across all types of deposit account.

Between March and April the market average rate fell by 0.11%[1] with a number of providers reducing their savings rates to 0.01% and even 0%.

The biggest fall has been in fixed term deposits with one-year rates falling by 6 basis points (bps)[1] and longer term rates (term lengths of 18 months or more) falling by an average of 9bps[1].

Despite this downward market trend, your clients can continue to identify and access the best rates using the Flagstone platform.

Ongoing access to market leading rates

The market average rate for one-year fixed term deposits fell from 1.15% in March to 1.09% in April[1], but a market-leading rate of 1.55% is currently available to individuals and joint account holders through Flagstone.

The average market rate for instant access deposit accounts fell by 5bps to 0.51% in April[1], but individuals and joint account holders can currently benefit from an exclusive best-in-market rate of 1.30% on the Flagstone platform.

Minimise risk and maximise FSCS protection

Flagstone’s cash deposit platform not only enables your clients optimise their interest income during these challenging times, but just as importantly empowers them to manage their risk exposure and increase their Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) protection through diversification.

Thanks to the number of UK banks and building societies available on the platform, it’s possible for clients to quickly and easily achieve exceptional diversification; with individual clients able to benefit from full FSCS protection on deposits of up to £2.12 million[2], and joint account holders able to hold up to £4.08 million[2] fully FSCS protected in accounts on the platform.

Generate value for your clients and your practice with Flagstone

Offering a solution which provides peace of mind, optimal returns and retains your visibility of the asset has arguably never been more important.

Win new Clients and Assets - Use Flagstone’s innovative, compelling proposition to open doors with prospective Private, Corporate and Charity clients.

Growth and Retention – The material benefits of using the platform are immediately visible and future value is easy to illustrate, enabling you to demonstrate and deliver a richer proposition for your existing clients, to consolidate your relationship and your understanding of their holistic wealth.

Review and Invest - Ongoing visibility of your clients’ cash portfolios and their maturity and liquidity events provide regular opportunities to review and discuss how their cash asset can be invested.


Flagstone is here to provide you and your clients with a solution for cash and ensure that you retain ongoing visibility of the asset in order that you can continue to deliver holistic, timely advice. For more information, please don't hesitate to contact us at


1 Source: Moneyfacts

2 Correct as at 11th May 2020





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