Flagstone - A Solution For Cash

Today we woke up to a world increasingly in lock down with the EU having announced that from noon its borders will close for 30 days. The prevailing pandemic continues to impact the markets and is casting a shadow over the global economic outlook.

Protecting clients' savings with peace of mind

Whilst it’s of paramount importance that investors look to the longer term, for clients who hold significant cash balances, being able to offer a solution for cash which not only provides them with the peace of mind they desire, but also retains your visibility of this asset – and your ability to continue to provide holistic advice encompassing it - has arguably never been more important.

Cash has historically represented a significant challenge for advisers, as this core element of a client’s wealth has not been easily visible on an ongoing basis. This has made it difficult to provide joined-up advice. Compounding the issue, whilst in cash, clients have also historically faced the difficult task of achieving competitive returns in a challenging market and avoiding unnecessary exposure to risk through a lack of counterparty diversification on deposits in excess of the FSCS limit.

Flagstone’s cash deposit platform enables clients to minimise risk and maximise FSCS protection, and gives you both a 24/7 consolidated view of their cash portfolio.

Flagstone is here to provide you and your clients with a solution for cash, and ensure that you retain ongoing visibility of the asset in order that you can continue to deliver holistic, timely advice.

For more information, please don't hesitate to contact us at BusinessDevelopment@FlagstoneIM.com




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