Wren Sterling partners with Flagstone

National IFA, Wren Sterling has partnered with Flagstone to offer their clients an easy-to-use savings solution. Their clients will now be able to use the Flagstone platform to deposit and manage their cash, allowing them to distribute it across a wide range of savings accounts and products – all in one application.

Advisers at Wren Sterling will benefit by having oversight and visibility over a higher proportion of their clients’ assets, presenting more opportunity to offer advice, have conversations, and build better relationships.

Simon Merchant, CEO and Co-Founder of Flagstone, said, “We look forward to working with Wren Sterling to provide their clients with our cash deposit solution that offers both protection as well as access to hundreds of accounts and exclusive interest rates.

Our experience and relationships with many of the UK’s largest wealth management companies means we can offer a richer and deeper value proposition for their business – enabling them to increase their influence and build revenue through their clients’ ability to transfer cash deposits into investment assets.

Want to learn more about how Flagstone can help your firm and clients? Chat to us today.



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