Flagstone joins the Personal Finance Society

We are delighted to announce that Flagstone is now an Associate Firm with the Personal Finance Society – the largest professional body for the financial planning sector. So, what is the PFS, and how will our membership benefit advisers and clients?

The PFS aims to build public trust in financial organisations, and bring the importance and value of financial wellbeing to the forefront through regulated personal finance and Investment advice.

To achieve these goals, and create a powerful voice that can influence the future direction of the financial sector, the PFS unites companies through a shared vision devoted to knowledge, development and sharing good practice, and the understanding that we are stronger together.

By becoming an Associate Firm, we voluntarily demonstrate that we have adopted the PFS’ set professional standards, and our culture places clients and our people at its heart.

The PFS standards are based on eight core principles, designed to ensure members follow a code of professional ethics and behaviour that enables the best possible client service, while making sure their own people are looked after, can be themselves and bring their best self to work.  

At Flagstone, our whole ethos revolves around three core values that underpin the principles and standards that drive our behaviour and demonstrate our culture to the outside world.

  • Forge a new way
  • Surpass expectations
  • Community counts

In short, this means we are proactive, aspirational and empathetic – with a commitment to our clients and our partners.

Flagstone CEO, Simon Merchant added: “We are delighted and proud that the PFS has recognised us as a forward-thinking, client-focused business that shares their ideals. A company that is a valuable addition to their association and shares their ambitions to be the best we can be – for the benefit of our partners and clients”.



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