Supporting the funding requirements for Cambridge & Counties Bank

Utilising Flagstone as a key strategic growth partner


Launching in 2012, Cambridge & Counties Bank has since built a balance sheet of over £1bn. As a specialist lender, the bank focuses on property, asset, and classic car finance. It also has a unique ownership structure, owned equally by two respected institutions – Trinity Hall, Cambridge University and Cambridgeshire Local Government Pension Scheme.


With a challenger bank mentality and traditional approach, Cambridge & Counties Bank looked for efficient routes of liquidity to expand their deposit base, which led to a partnership with Flagstone, the UK’s leading cash deposit platform. With the bank providing a range of competitive savings products, Flagstone were able to connect their diverse client base to Cambridge & Counties Bank, adding significant value to the Bank’s balance sheet and helping to fuel their growth.


Where does Flagstone fit into your strategy?


“Initially we viewed Flagstone as a good opportunity to diversify our source of funding in addition to our direct offerings, however the value they could add became apparent very quickly and they have since become an important part of our deposit raising activities.” – Christian Cowie, Director of Marketing and Savings, Cambridge & Counties Bank.


Having grown substantially, Cambridge & Counties Bank maintain a steady source of funding via Flagstone, with a number of competitively priced products on the platform. The maturity profile and product placement are managed in partnership, with Flagstone providing valuable data and market insights to accurately assist with gauging the expected flow of funds.


What has been your experience of partnering with Flagstone?


“The working relationship with Flagstone is a positive and proactive one, both commercially and in the day-to-day operational side. There is a high degree of collaboration in both addressing any challenges that arise and benefiting from the opportunities that are identified.” – Christian Cowie, Director of Marketing and Savings, Cambridge & Counties Bank.


Both Cambridge & Counties Bank and Flagstone acknowledge the strength of the partnership and the growing role that cash deposit platforms have in the UK savings market.



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