Flagstone's fees for joint and individual accounts


How Flagstone makes money

We receive a share of the interest on each savings account you open through Flagstone (up to 0.30%). We’ll deduct our share before we put any new rates on the platform, so the rate you see will always be the rate you get.

An example of our model

Say one of our partner banks wants to add a new savings account to our platform. The Gross interest rate on that account is 3.25%.

We’ll receive a small share of that interest (say 0.25%*), and display the Net rate on our platform. In this example:

            You receive a Net rate of 3.00% (3.25%, minus 0.25%)

            Flagstone receives 0.25%

*Our maximum share of interest is 0.30%. But, for many accounts, it will often be lower. We aim to keep our share as low as possible.

Why save with Flagstone

If we receive a share of the interest, you might rightfully wonder: ‘why shouldn’t I go to the banks directly?’. Here are three reasons to save with Flagstone:

Market-leading & exclusive rates

Because we help thousands of individuals, businesses, and charities transact billions in cash, banks are happy to offer market-leading and exclusive rates to Flagstone clients.

So, even after we receive our share of interest, we can still offer rates you won’t see anywhere else.

Your savings in one place

Multiple savings accounts mean multiple applications, and multiple passwords. With Flagstone, you can see all your savings in one platform, access your portfolio with a single password, and manage everything easily. Arrivederci, admin.

Increased FSCS protection

With everything in one platform, it’s easier to uncover gaps in your FSCS protection (up to £85,000 for eligible individual accounts, per banking group). So you can ensure your savings are secure, with no surprises.

Where can I learn more about Flagstone fees and charges?

If you are already a Flagstone client, you can check your engagement letter for full details of the fees and charges that apply to your account.