Retirement savings and pension calculator

Our pension calculator offers an educated projection of your retirement funds. In a few simple steps, discover how much your pension pot will be worth over a set a period and how long it could last you.

Calculate how much your pension is worth.

See if you’re on track to sustain your desired lifestyle in retirement.

Target annual retirement income before tax
How much you hope to earn each year in retirement, before tax.
For example, if you earn £50,000 annually now, and want the same income in retirement, enter £50,000.
This doesn't account for inflation.
How old are you?
When do you plan to retire?
What is your annual gross salary?
What are your current pension contributions?
What is your existing pension pot value?
What is the predicted annual growth?
Low: 2%
Med: 5%
High: 8%
Include full State Pension?
Depending on your National Insurance record, you may not be eligible for the full State Pension.
Check your State Pension eligibility and forecast

Your pension forecast

Projected pension value at current rate:
Tax you’re likely to pay per year:
Estimated duration of your pension:

Boost your pension

Increase your contributions
This will be added to the % entered above.
Top up with a lump sum
A one-off payment. For example, the sale of an asset.
Years invested
Set it to 0 if the lump sum is added at the end, rather than invested.

How our retirement savings and pension calculator works

If you’ve asked ‘how much will my pension be worth?’, our retirement savings calculator can guide you in the right direction. You can gain insight into what your retirement funds may look like, to clarify your financial future. Here’s how our calculator works:

  • Your target retirement income before tax: You are taxed on your pension, so entering an amount as a salary makes it easier to visualise your future pension.
  • Current age and retirement age: This lets us calculate how many years you’ll add to your pension pot, and how much it may grow based on typical interest rates and compound interest.
  • Contributions: Tell us what you and your employer will contribute, and whether you plan to top up from any other sources.
  • Current pension pot: We add this to the regular contributions and calculate growth over time.

Caveats and disclaimers

  • This calculator is intended for those who receive a pension from their employer. Self-employed people, business owners, or those who live off passive income, such as rent, will need to adjust variables like contributions to account for this.
  • This calculator is a guide only. The final calculation is not guaranteed.
  • The tax bands are based on tax rules in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. They do not include any differences for Scottish bands for example.
  • The tax calculations are not tailored to individual circumstances. Tax rates and bands are subject to change, and variations may occur by the time your pension is accessed.
  • HMRC’s annual and lifetime limits on your pension are not factored into our calculator. If you contribute or build up pension amounts exceeding these limits, you may be subject to a tax charge.
  • This calculator assumes you do not take a 25% tax free lump sum, as this depends on other factors such as your pension plan, and if you’ve taken your full lifetime allowance.
  • The calculator doesn’t consider allowances such a blind allowance, marriage allowance, or trading allowance.
  • We have not included inflation due to unpredictable fluctuations over time.
  • We’ve calculated the State Pension at the current rate in 2024/25.
  • This information does not constitute financial advice. Investments carry risks, and their value may fluctuate. For financial retirement guidance, consult a Financial Adviser.