Deposit accounts for your charity

With one single application, our charity clients, non-profits, and trusts (including SIPPs and SSASs), can choose from hundreds of deposit accounts from up to 30+ banks - including exclusive and market-leading rates. All accessed and controlled online from the Flagstone platform – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All UK-based banks and building societies on the Flagstone platform are members of the Financial Service Compensation Scheme (FSCS) and deposits are protected where eligible.


5 year fixed term


12 month fixed term


95 day notice


Instant access


Greater value for your charity


Ensure your charity finances are secure by spreading deposits across multiple banks, maximising FSCS protection – where eligible.


Access exclusive and market-leading rates from hundreds of accounts, and over 50 banks, ensuring your charity is earning the best possible interest.

Save time

No need to complete additional paperwork when depositing into new bank accounts.

How the platform works for your charity

  • 1.
    Complete one simple application form to apply for your Flagstone account.
  • 2.
    Deposit funds into your Flagstone holding account.
  • 3.
    Browse and choose from hundreds of accounts, including exclusive and market-leading rates on the Flagstone platform.

Start saving from £1 million

The Flagstone platform is available to charities, non-profits and trusts (including SIPPs and SSASs) with £1 million or more to deposit.

Client testimonials

WDC, Whale and Dolphin Conservation

The Flagstone platform provides us with informed, transparent choices when deciding which savings accounts are best for us. The very helpful Flagstone team has helped us achieve our requirements.


It's so easy to use, and the team at Flagstone are excellent.

What3Words Limited

Using Flagstone gives us access to a better return on our cash deposits, whilst also allowing us to actively manage our risk profile and liquidity needs on a simple easy to use platform.

A home for charities


Spread your charity's money across several banks and receive the FSCS protection of £85K each time – if eligible.



Browse and choose from hundreds of accounts – including exclusive and market-leading rates – from up to 30+ banks, ensuring you earn the best possible interest.

Peace of mind

Complete control of your money with 24/7 access via our highly secure Flagstone platform.


Frequently Asked questions

How are you able to offer competitive rates?

Due to the volume of deposits we intermediate and through the relationships we have developed with our partner banks, we are able to access exclusive and competitive deposit rates for Flagstone clients.

How is our cash protected?

Ensuring the funds belonging to our clients are secure is our number one priority. As a company authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), we are required to hold appropriate levels of regulatory capital and generally organise and manage our business to the high standards set by the FCA.

Flagstone partners with top tier technology providers and security experts to ensure the end to end security. We employ practices and techniques to keep our platform up to date with the ever-changing security landscape and to provide a secure platform to our clients.

Flagstone has adopted internal systems and controls designed to protect client funds from the risk of fraud. These include relevant IT controls, appropriate segregation of duties, restricted access rights and signature protocols.

Importantly, Flagstone does not allow any third-party payments and will only ever authorise payments from a client’s Flagstone holding account to their nominated account.

What are your fees?

There is an annual management fee of between 0.15% p.a. and 0.25% p.a. depending on the value of deposits you hold on our platform.

For charities with deposits of £1 million or more, a one time setup fee of £500 will be payable and automatically taken from your initial deposit. For US Dollar accounts this fee is $500 and for Euro Accounts it is €500.

How safe is the money deposited on to the platform?

As a company authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and subject to the Payment Services Regulations, Flagstone is required to safeguard client assets at all times, hold appropriate levels of regulatory capital and generally organise and manage its business to the high standards set by the FCA. All the UK banks on the platform are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as well as the Prudential Regulatory Authority (PRA).

Do I maintain FSCS protection with deposits held on the platform?

Yes. The level of protection is exactly the same as if the deposit was placed directly with the bank. In the event that one of the banks on the platform goes into administration, assuming the bank in question was a member of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), then you (if eligible) would have a single claim under the FSCS limited
to the deposit compensation limit of £85,000*. FSCS protection is not available for any accounts held with offshore banks (including those in the Channel Islands). Details of the deposit compensation schemes applicable to these banks can be found in the account T&Cs provided by these banks on the platform. You can choose to exclude banks
which are not covered by the FSCS with a single click using the platform's 'Portfolio Builder' filter tool.


* For more information please refer to www.fscs.org.uk

Who makes the FSCS claim if a bank on the platform goes into Administration?

If a bank in which the money was held through the platform defaulted, then your charity would be covered by the FSCS as beneficiaries subject to your charity's status under
the eligibility requirements (i.e. whether the charity would be eligible to claim if the charity itself held the deposit*).

* For more information please refer to www.fscs.org.uk

In the event that Flagstone were to go into liquidation, how is the charity's money protected?

Flagstone is obliged under law to implement safeguarding measures to protect client funds. For this reason, all funds held by Flagstone on behalf of clients are separated
from Flagstone’s own funds and only held in designated trust accounts. Were Flagstone to be placed in administration or wound up, your charity will retain full beneficial
ownership of its funds at all times and as such these will be paid back to the charity by the administrator. Clients have no credit exposure to Flagstone.

How is the money which is transferred protected from fraudulent activity?

From a technology perspective, Flagstone uses banking standard encryption technology to ensure the security and confidentiality of client records and information.

From an operational perspective, Flagstone has adopted internal systems and controls designed to protect client funds from the risk of fraud. These include relevant IT controls, appropriate segregation of duties, restricted access rights and signature protocols. Furthermore, Flagstone does not allow any third party payments and all funds returned to clients are paid back to the originating funding account only.

What is the ‘Hub Account’ and what is it used for?

The Hub Account is a segregated trust account set up specifically to safeguard client assets. The Flagstone Hub Account for onshore derived funds is provided by HSBC Bank plc. The Hub Account is established to receive the initial monies transferred by the client on to the Flagstone platform before they are sent on to a deposit account. Furthermore, the Hub Account acts as the account to which all monies (principal and interest) must be returned by the relevant Flagstone banking partner at a maturity event or when they are requested back by a client in respect of a notice account.

What happens when the charity wants its cash back from the platform?

When you want your charity's money to be returned, you will need to provide an instruction to return funds via the platform. Any money being returned will only be sent to the ‘Nominated Retun Account’ details which you have provided in your charity's initial application

If the charity would like to make a transfer from one of its accounts on the platform, is this possible?

The platform does not support third party transfers. All monies transferred from a deposit account on the platform can only be sent back to your Hub Account. Once monies are received into the Hub Account they can only be transferred to your charity's Nominated Return Account.

What is a ‘Nominated Return Account’?

The Nominated Return Account is the account to which Flagstone will pay your charity's monies when they have been requested back and are no longer being managed on the platform. This is the only account to which we will transfer your charity's money from your charity's Hub Account. The Nominated Return Account is set up on the basis of the account information provided in your charity's application form.

How long does it take to open a Hub Account?

Once the Client Services team at Flagstone have confirmed that they are in receipt of all documentation and information that is required, we aim to have your charity's Hub Account opened in 72 hours.

How long does it take to open accounts with the other banks on the platform?

The account opening process with each bank is slightly different and thus takes a different time depending on the specific institution.

As a guide it should never take more than 5 working days to open an account although some banks are significantly quicker than this and open accounts on a same day basis.

Does a new account have to be set up with each bank on the platform every time a deposit is placed with that bank?

No. Once an account has been set up at a partner bank it can be used again. Flagstone does however reserve the right to close accounts at its sole discretion if, in its opinion, such accounts are not being, or are unlikely to be, utilised.

Will the charity receive any statements directly from each bank that deposits are placed with through the platform?

No. All reporting is consolidated and statements covering all banks for any period will be made available via the Flagstone platform.

How will the charity be alerted to new banks, interest rates, products available on the Flagstone platform?

If subscribed, you will receive email alerts in respect of new banks, rates and products which are available on the platform.

If the charity opens a Notice Account, does it automatically close at the end of the notice period or does the charity need to instruct its closure?

With a Notice Account, the funds remain in the account indefinitely until your charity provides Flagstone with notice that the funds should be returned to the charity's Hub Account. Once your charity provides an instruction, Flagstone will give notice to the bank and the notice period will start (e.g. 120 days for a 120 day notice account).

When the instruction has been placed and the notice period expires, funds will be automatically returned to your charity's Hub Account. Once the funds are back in your charity's Hub Account, you will be sent confirmation by email.

If the charity opens a Fixed Term Deposit Account can the funds be withdrawn before the end of the term?

A Fixed Term Deposit Account has a specific term (e.g. 3 months, 12 months). Once a Term Account is open and funded, it cannot be broken until the end of the term.

This means that your charity's cash is locked up in the account for the full length of the term, after which it automatically returns to their Hub Account with the interest that has accrued on the deposit.

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