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Access hundreds of savings accounts for your business, from 30+ banks. All in one place, with a single application. For maximum interest, and total FSCS protection.

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We are trusted by many of the UK’s leading Wealth Managers:
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Start saving with Flagstone in three simple steps

  • 1.
    Apply for one Flagstone account
    No need to complete paperwork for multiple banks.
  • 2.
    Select banks and interest rates
    Browse and choose from hundreds of accounts – including exclusive and market-leading rates – on our online platform.
  • 3.
    Earn more with peace of mind
    Complete protection for your business' money - up to FSCS limits, if eligible.
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Greater value for your business


Access exclusive and market-leading rates from hundreds of accounts, and over 30 banks, ensuring your business is earning the best possible interest.

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Ensure your business finances are secure by spreading deposits across multiple banks, maximising FSCS protection – where eligible.

Save time

No need to complete additional paperwork when depositing into new bank accounts.

How our platform works

Start saving from £500K

Open a Flagstone Business account with a deposit of £500K or more.

Calculate how much you can earn in interest

Use our cash deposit calculator to see how much interest you could be earning, while spreading your deposits to maximise FSCS protection.
The minimum deposit amount is £10,000 for personal applicants, and £500,000 for companies, & £1,000,000 charities and trusts.
Tell us what you are earning elsewhere so that we can show you how much more interest you could earn with a Flagstone account.
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The interest rates shown are gross, and exclude our management fee (0.15-0.225%, depending on your account size). You can learn more about Flagstone's fees in our fee schedule.

The interest rates shown in this illustration are based on deposit accounts from our partner banks. Rates shown are representative and updated weekly for illustration purposes. Interest rates on our platform change daily and can go up or down. You can browse all the current interest rates via your Flagstone account.

If you have specific requirements not covered by our calculator, please contact us for a detailed illustration.

All UK-based banks and building societies on our platform are members of the Financial Service Compensation Scheme. Your eligible deposits are protected up to £85,000 per depositor per UK bank.


5 year fixed term


12 month fixed term


95 day notice


Instant access


Our partner banks

You can browse and choose competitive and exclusive interest rates from up to 30+ banks. Bank access is dependent on your client profile.

What our clients are saying

What3Words Limited

Using Flagstone gives us access to a better return on our cash deposits, whilst also allowing us to actively manage our risk profile and liquidity needs on a simple easy to use platform.


It's so easy to use, and the team at Flagstone are excellent.

WDC, Whale and Dolphin Conservation

The Flagstone platform provides us with informed, transparent choices when deciding which savings accounts are best for us. The very helpful Flagstone team has helped us achieve our requirements.

Peace of mind

FSCS protection

All UK-based banks and building societies on our platform are members of the Financial Service Compensation Scheme. Your eligible business deposits are protected up to £85K for each individual bank account opened.

TLS secure encryption

We use industry-leading Transport Layer Security (TLS) to encrypt and transport data. All data is held on secure, encrypted servers, protected by multi-layer firewalls.

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Spread your business' cash across up to 30+ banks, and over hundreds of accounts in one simple portfolio.
We are trusted by leading Wealth Managers, including St. James’s Place, Evelyn Partners, Quilter Group and Coutts, plus many of the UK’s leading banks and building societies.

Join Flagstone and protect the art of the possible.

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