Partner with Flagstone for bespoke funding

Zero Cost Solution

The Flagstone platform provides a zero cost solution that delivers real value to banks.

By becoming a partner bank, you will have access to a valuable source of deposit funding, tailored to meet your specific requirements in terms of currency, account type and client profile.

Become a partner bank

We help our partner banks gain new deposits

Gain new clients with trust

We manage the acquisition process to bring new clients and cash deposits to you. Flagstone is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, so we adhere to a strict code of conduct and handle all regulatory due diligence on your behalf.

Cost efficient funding

Becoming a partner bank is free of charge without minimum level of commitment. You can offer as many products as you choose. No gimmicks, no hidden charges - funding is provided free of any distribution costs.

Simple implementation

Partnering with us is quick and easy. There are no protracted commercial arrangements and no IT integration is required. You maintain control over the type of product, term and the size of deposits accepted.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there any IT Integration needed to partner with Flagstone?

    There is no technical integration needed to join the platform. Products can be updated and launched within 24 hours and daily deposit instructions are sent to our partner banks in a simple standard template.

  • How does Flagstone reduce the cost of funding for banks?

    Partner banks can reduce their overall funding costs as Flagstone strips out the cost of client acquisition, onboarding and ongoing client servicing. Furthermore, Flagstone is able to give partner banks access to its exclusive distribution partners, providing reach to a large number of clients in an efficient and cost-efficient manner.

  • How are funds from Flagstone treated?

    Deposits from Flagstone can be treated as retail deposits from a Net Stable Funding Ratio (NSFR) and Liquid Coverage Ratio (LCR) perspective and the deposits do not fall under the definition of CASS.

  • How does Flagstone share MI?

    Flagstone has built a market leading banking portal which enables banking partners to see live data, updated daily, giving greater insight into and granular analysis of the underlying deposits, to assist banks with their internal reporting requirements.