Providing Peace Of Mind Has Never Been More Important

Providing Peace Of Mind Has Never Been More Important

Being able to offer a solution for cash which not only provides your clients with the peace of mind they desire, but also retains your visibility of this asset and your ability to continue to provide holistic advice encompassing it, has arguably never been more important.

Being able to offer your clients peace of mind has arguably never been more important than in these uncertain times.

Flagstone not only enables your clients to maximise the interest they’re earning on their cash in an increasingly challenging marketplace, but importantly also empowers them to reduce their risk exposure and increase their Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) protection[1] through better diversification of their cash.

Flagstone, the UK's leading cash deposit platform, gives your clients access to hundreds of deposit accounts from 50 banks at the click of a button, enabling them to quickly and easily achieve exceptional diversification; with private clients able to benefit from full FSCS protection on deposits of up to £2m[2] and joint account holders up to £4m[2].

Why now?

With NS&I and a number of high street banks notifying their clients recently of interest rate reductions, and with many of your clients using the extra time available to them during ‘lockdown’ to organise their finances and plan for what might lie ahead, now could be the ideal time to discuss how you can help them to protect their cash and improve their returns from it, by introducing them to Flagstone.

With a Flagstone account, your clients can access rates not available on the high street or elsewhere online. There are currently 30 exclusive rates[2] accessible only via the Flagstone platform. Just two examples are market-leading rates from Allica Bank of 0.60% AER/Gross [35 Day Notice Account] and 0.50% AER/Gross [Instant Access deposit account][2].


Generate value for your clients and your practice with Flagstone

Consolidate and grow your relationships - The material benefits of using the platform are immediately visible and future value is easy to illustrate. Introducing clients to Flagstone enhances your value proposition and your understanding of their holistic wealth.

A source of future investment opportunity - Ongoing visibility of your clients’ cash portfolios and their maturity/liquidity events provide you with regular opportunities to discuss how their cash can be re-invested to meet their needs.


Flagstone empowers your clients to protect the potential that their cash represents, and ensures that you retain ongoing visibility of the asset in order that you can continue to deliver holistic, timely advice. For more information, please don't hesitate to contact us on 0203 745 8130 or at



  1. Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) deposit protection is £85,000 per depositor per authorised bank (as at 27/04/2021). For more information go to
  2. Correct as at 27/04/2021




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