FCMB Bank UK joins the Flagstone platform

Flagstone are delighted to announce that FCMB Bank (UK) is the latest bank to join Flagstone Platform.

With a view to increasing their share of the market, FCMB have opted to partner with Flagstone, giving them access to our breadth of investors and market leading insights, while diversifying their source of deposits.

FCMB are consistently offering competitive deposit rates and will only improve the offering on the Flagstone platform. They are launching with a range of GBP and USD term deposits.

The bank have also opted for access to our exclusive Bank Portal, allowing them to examine real time data on their deposits placed by Flagstone clients. The bank can now download several reports and metrics including FSCS data, maturity profiles of their products, and geographical data on their underlying customers.

If you are interested in partnering with Flagstone and would like further information on how we can assist you with your funding requirements, please contact a member of our Banks Team on the details provided below.



Mark Ettridge, Business Development Manager, Banks



Mark Hicks, Head of Bank Partnerships



Zach Brookmier, Bank Relationship Director





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