Build New Opportunities With Professional Connections Using Flagstone

Build New Opportunities With Professional Connections Using Flagstone

With many people across the UK now working remotely and from home we’re faced with new challenges as well as new opportunities. Current circumstances allow time for professionals to take a step back and re-evaluate their business strategy. For example, now could be an ideal time for financial and professional services firms to proactively build their network and relationships with their peers.

Growing your business

Accountants, financial advisors and solicitors often have to work together to best serve the needs of their clients. By developing strategic partnerships, you can create opportunities, grow your client base and strengthen your source of new leads. Such relationships are extremely valuable and can generate ongoing high-quality business with minimal acquisition cost.


Working together to best serve clients

There are many instances where the need for financial and legal advice coexist. For example, a client selling a property may be looking to invest the cash from the sale and to seek advice on inheritance tax planning.

The conveyancing solicitor dealing with the sale of the property can provide an enhanced level of service by helping to facilitate and fulfil the need for financial advice. As a result, the client experiences a more seamless and hassle-free service, and the financial adviser gains new business at a low acquisition cost.


Using Flagstone to enhance your service proposition

At Flagstone we work with wealth managers and financial advisers to provide access to market leading interest rates on cash deposits. By using our cash deposit platform, wealth managers can diversify client funds across more than 40 banks and building societies through one single application. Importantly, they can achieve market leading returns.

Flagstone can be the key to building your professional network and relationships. Our platform enables you to deliver additional value for mutual clients and enhance your service proposition together with accountants and legal practices.

Common Flagstone use cases which could enable you to build out this opportunity with your professional connections include;

Sale of a business
Sale of a property
Power of Attorney
Family Investment & Inheritance Trusts
Divorce settlements
Medical liability settlements

Excess cash held by a business
Sale of a business
Mergers and acquisitions or IPOs
Risk diversification
Tax payments
Sale of a property


Building strategic partnerships

Flagstone can help you to generate more value for your clients and your practice. To discuss how we can work together to better serve the needs of your clients, please contact our Business Development Team at


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