Flagstone deepens its relationship with St. James’s Place

We’re delighted that cash is becoming a more integrated part of St. James’s Place's (SJPs) proposition to clients following the launch of the SJP Cash Deposit Service, powered by Flagstone.

Simon Merchant, Co-Founder and CEO of Flagstone, says "this development will strengthen our already long-standing relationship and demonstrates that increasingly, clients want a holistic solution to their wealth management that includes their cash savings."


Flagstone has been working with SJP for over four years and during this time, more than half of SJP’s partnership have referred clients to the service. Clients using the cash management service find it easy to spread their deposits across a broad range of different accounts to maximise their interest.


But what clients value the most, is the ability to diversify across multiple banks and building societies. This has enabled many clients to achieve 100% FSCS protection on their cash, giving them the peace of mind that every penny of their cash is covered.


It's this aspect that leads several partners to describe the Flagstone platform as an effective client acquisition tool, useful in helping to grow their businesses. Being able to talk about security, peace of mind and reassurance with their clients helps in those early stages. It enables the first steps towards building a trusting, long-term and reliable working relationship.


Rob Gardner, Director of Investments at SJP, says “we’re really excited to launch the SJP Cash Deposit Platform because we know how important cash is for our clients’ financial wellbeing and financial resilience.”


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