Cash investment represents an untapped opportunity for advisers

We proudly feature in this month’s Professional Adviser and Investment Week, explaining why cash is king.

The size of the cash market in the UK is huge and still growing – despite the uncertain market backdrop. Yet advisers are missing an opportunity to suggest cash as a haven that offers a respectable rate of return.

“Cash is an inevitable and low-risk asset class, and assuming it is protected, you know that your principle investment is guaranteed,” says Simon Merchant, Co-founder and CEO of Flagstone. “But clients tend to have their investments in one place and their cash elsewhere. And never shall the twain meet.”

In our suite of featured interviews, Claire Jones – Head of Relationships and Business Development – and Mark Hicks, Head of Bank Partnerships, join Simon to discuss inertia in the savings market, explore the benefits for advisers and clients, and explain why cash has a necessary place in any investment portfolio.

To find out what our market-leading cash management platform has to offer you and your clients, and for more on cash opportunities, read the features here:

FOCUS: Flagstone - Cash is king - The interview



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