Adviser Spotlight: James Lindley, Castell Wealth Management

In a new interview series, Adviser Spotlight, Flagstone speaks with advisers and wealth managers across the UK. In each interview, we explore how clients' needs are changing, and how advisers use Flagstone's platform to help meet those needs.


“UK savers face multiple problems. I’m extremely confident in Flagstone’s ability to solve them.”


James Lindley is a financial adviser, and Managing Director of Castell Wealth Management. We spoke to James about Castell, its clients, and how Flagstone helps them achieve their financial goals.

Hi James – tell us a bit about Castell, and the work you do for your clients


We’re a London-based wealth management firm, working almost exclusively with business owners, HNW individuals, and charities in London and the Home Counties. Our main goal is to help our clients meet their long-term aspirations, while making a positive impact on the world around them.


How does cash as an investment class fit into your offering to clients?


A lot of the individuals and entities we serve (especially charities) sit on cash reserves that far exceed their day-to-day spending. We help to identify their short-, medium-, and long-term needs, before using Flagstone to access higher interest rates, and maximise our clients’ FSCS protection.


The platform also allows for total flexibility. Our clients can easily access hundreds of accounts, without lengthy application processes for each individual bank. They can also open and manage various accounts in one place, saving time and hassle.


Which problems does Flagstone help solve for you and your clients?


The biggest benefit for me is how Flagstone protects against inertia – funds sat in one or two current accounts.


With everything that’s happened in the sector recently (Credit Suisse, Silicon Valley Bank, etc.), our clients want to secure their funds by maximising protection under the FSCS.


With Flagstone, they can do this by quickly and easily spreading cash between accounts – without all the paperwork of multiple applications.


How easy is it to make the most of our platform? Do you find it simple to use?


It is very easy to use, and the functionality is great. To give both new and existing clients a feel for the platform and its various benefits, we use a demo Flagstone account.


This shows people how they can organise funds by interest rate, bank credit rating, or term – making it easy to find options that meet their needs.


Would you recommend Flagstone to other advisers and their clients? If so, why?


Definitely. In fact, I would recommend it to any business, individual, or charity with cash exceeding £50,000. Flagstone offers much better rates than the competition (including Apple’s surprising new product).


But the problems UK savers face aren’t limited to interest rates. There’s also the question of fewer high street banks, and the booming array of funds to choose from. Having met Simon Merchant, Flagstone’s CEO, at a recent Volution VC event, I came away feeling extremely confident in Flagstone’s ability to solve these problems. The business has a bright long-term future.


Four in five advisers say cash is a growing concern for their clients. With Flagstone, yours can access hundreds of accounts from 50+ UK banks. All in one place, with one application. For total FSCS protection, exclusive rates – and minimal paperwork.


Join our network of leading advisers today, and help your clients protect and nurture their cash.



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