How to build your financial advice business with Flagstone

Given the current economic squeeze, you could be forgiven that talking to clients about investing their cash is a pointless exercise. But aptly, with spring around the corner, now is actually the ideal opportunity to bring a little sunshine into the financial gloom and embrace the growing season.


Even in belt-tightening times, rising interest rates enable your clients to offset its negatives – such as increased mortgage payments – by maximising their interest income.


Cash is one of the safest saving options, offering a handy emergency buffer with quick, easy access when required. But most cash deposits sit idly in high street accounts earning next to nothing. So how can you make your clients’ cash work harder while building your business too?


How Flagstone benefits you and your clients


As the UK’s leading cash deposit platform, Flagstone offers your clients a way to boost their savings, and grow your own business by retaining – and attracting – savers who may not have considered cash as part of a richer investment portfolio.


With just a single application, you and your clients receive access to hundreds of savings accounts – including market-leading and exclusive rates – from up to 53 high street, and challenger banks and building societies.


Clients can spread their funds across as many savings accounts as they choose and benefit from FSCS protection of up to £85K (170K for joint accounts) for each eligible account opened – without any further application forms or paperwork.


Our platform is highly-secure, simple to use, and provides 24/7 access, giving your clients control over their money. Your own ‘view only’ account also gives you complete visibility of their portfolio, plus alerts about new products or maturing funds – enabling you to start timely (re)investment conversations.


Building trusted relationships


In difficult times, building this trusted relationship takes on even greater importance.


Savers want to know you have their interests at heart, a proactive approach and offer value for cash. Flagstone gives you an extra weapon in your adviser armoury, enabling you to offer your company, charity and individual clients an alternative – and better – way to protect and increase their cash funds.


People are increasingly time-poor and want digital, online ways to save. As an award-winning Fintech, we power the investor experience through innovative technology for a quick and easy online user experience. Our commitment to exploring and integrating the latest developments ensures we also continually move forward, leading the way to satisfy savers’ evolving demands.


Joining the Flagstone network


Our 2022 figures speak for themselves. Our Wealth Manager partner referrals increased by 46%, while, to date, clients have transacted a total of £12bn in assets with us.


Our network of 4,500 advisers includes leading Wealth Managers, Evelyn Partners, Quilter Group and Coutts, plus many of the UK’s best-known banking names.


By joining us, you receive several business benefits, including viewing access to all your clients’ accounts, and the ability to see your referrals and track their progress in one place.


But the most significant impact is on your bottom line.


Flagstone provides the perfect ‘in’ to talk to high-net-worth clients with sizeable cash deposits to invest. And with 15% annual commission from all your referred clients’ annual management fees, now is the ideal opportunity to build your business.


Join our network, greater value for your business – and your clients.



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