How Flagstone works

How it works

One Flagstone application for 250+ accounts

Start saving with Flagstone in 3 simple steps

  • Set up and fund your account Sign up and complete your application, then fund your Flagstone account and you are ready to go.
  • Select banks and rates Search and choose from the UK's best savings accounts from over 50 partner banks on our online platform.
  • Earn more with peace of mind Your savings will grow and stay protected until you're ready to use or move them again.
Your UK cash deposits are eligible for FSCS protection

A Fintech Proposition

We are an aggregator of savings accounts from multiple banks

You become a client and fund your Flagstone account.

You select multiple banks and deposit accounts to place your savings.

No need for individual bank savings accounts. Just one single Flagstone account. Simple. 

You can place and move your deposits between selected banks - all online.

You can diversify your deposits and protect them at UK banks within FSCS limits.

Access our exclusive rates on the Flagstone platform

See how much interest you could be earning

Our illustration tool will show you how you can spread your money across several banks and increase the value of your deposits that are eligible for FSCS protection and maximise the interest on your deposits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Flagstone work?

    Partnering with over 50 banks and building societies, Flagstone gives you access to more than 200 deposit accounts through a single application.

    Using Flagstone's secure online platform, you can quickly and easily spread your money across different banks and building societies and, if eligible, receive the FSCS protection of £85K each time (£170K for joint accounts).

    Ongoing access to exclusive and market-leading interest rates empowers you to maximise the interest income from your cash.

  • How can Flagstone access competitive rates?

    Due to the volume of deposits we intermediate and through the relationships we have developed with our partner banks, we are able to access exclusive and competitive deposit rates for Flagstone clients.

  • What fees does Flagstone charge?

    Flagstone charges a fee of between 0.15% and 0.25% p.a. based on the total value of a client’s account.

    Additionally, a one-off Administration Fee is charged to set-up a new client account on the platform. For individual and joint applicants depositing between £50,000 and £249,999, this fee is £150. For individual and joint applicants depositing £250,000 or more on the platform, and for companies, charities and trusts (which require a minimum deposit of £250,000 to open a platform account) the Administration Fee is £500. For US Dollar accounts this fee is $500 and for Euro Accounts it is €500.

  • Can I split my deposits across multiple banks?

    Through a single Flagstone account, you can use our secure online platform to open as many deposit accounts with as many different banks as you require, in just a matter of clicks.

  • Will I have statements for tax returns?

    Flagstone gives you visibility of every pound earned and the simplicity of consolidated reporting.

    At the end of each tax year, Flagstone will provide you with a summary of interest earned.