Putting your wellbeing front and centre

Fostering open conversations

Community counts

Wellbeing and mental health are important to us.

As a team, we promote having open and honest discussions around our mental health and wellbeing, embedding this into our working life to normalise the conversation.

Talking about why it’s important is a great start, but our actions, we hope, show we truly care.

Our commitment to mental health and wellbeing


Flexible working

We encourage flexible working practices and have embedded the importance of a healthy work-life harmony into our core values.


Mental Health First Aiders

We have introduced a number of Mental Health First Aiders (MHFA’s) into the business so we can support our colleagues with conversations around mental health.


Wellbeing days

We give colleagues two Wellbeing days each year to support their emotional and physical health.


Giving Back Days

We support colleagues to donate time, skills and expertise to a local cause, community project or charitable volunteering initiative with up to three Giving Back days per calendar year.


Fertility Friendly, Pregnancy Loss, and Menopause Commitments

For colleagues going through any of these key life stages, we have put formal support in place including additional paid leave, access to 1:1 fertility or menopause experts, and practical adjustments around the office.


Dog Friendly

Our London office has its own ‘Pet Corner’ so you can bring your furry loved one to work with you.

Proudly partnering with these charities and organisations to Give Back to those most in need.

Find out why our Mental Health First Aiders Volunteered...

"Having the Mental Health First Aid team makes me so proud to be part of this business. It is so comforting to know that there is a team of people, from across various departments, who you can speak to confidentially and without judgement for first line mental health support, or even just for a good old chat about anything! We all have stresses, in and out of work, we all need support. That is what the team are here for.

As a member of the MHFA team myself, we are not only a passive group in the background who act when someone needs us. We are a passionate group who actively meet to discuss all things ‘mental health & well-being’ and what initiatives we can put in place to improve the lives of our colleagues."

Lee Martin,
Onboarding QA Specialist and MHFA