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Exclusive, market-leading 1.40% Instant Access account

Achieving a good return on the funds generated by your donors and held on deposit is an important challenge. Equally important is ensuring that your charity's funds are safeguarded from risk. Flagstone’s online cash deposit platform empowers you to do both, providing you with the opportunity to earn more interest income in an efficient and safe way.

Indicative of the market-leading rates currently available to our clients is a 1.40% Instant Access account, exclusive to the Flagstone platform. To find out more, watch our short video or get in touch.

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Empowering your charity to earn more interest income, safely

A secure online platform

A secure online platform

Flagstone's unique platform enables your charity to increase the interest income it earns on its cash - typically by between two and nine times – and simultaneously reduce risk through diversification.

Access hundreds of accounts

Access hundreds of accounts

The platform gives your charity secure online access to hundreds of market leading and exclusive deposit accounts from a broad selection of banks on completion of just one application, with no requirement for any subsequent paperwork.

Simple and efficient

Simple and efficient

Choose from and open – in just a matter of clicks – multiple instant access, notice and/or term deposit accounts to start earning more interest income for your charity and reducing risk through diversification.


1 Set your Deposit Criteria

Using a simple filter tool, set the criteria for your deposits based on value, account type (instant access, notice and/or term deposits) and your liquidity needs.

2 Browse accounts

Review all the accounts that meet your criteria.

3 Clear and transparent analysis

Clear and transparent financial strength analysis is available for each of the banks on the platform. This is distilled down into a simple Financial Strength Score (out of 100) to enable you to make an informed decision.

4 Select and execute

Select the deposit accounts which meet your needs and simply click on them to add them to your portfolio. View the overall interest that will be payable on your portfolio and when you are happy with your selections click to confirm. Flagstone will then execute these deposits.

5 Reporting

View all your deposits at a glance with 24/7 secure online access. You will receive consolidated monthly statements and an annual summary for tax reporting.


Maximise Interest

Maximise Interest

Flagstone’s unique cash platform enables your charity to earn more interest income by giving you access to market leading interest rates on hundreds of deposit accounts.

Minimise risk

Minimise risk

Reduce risk through diversification and greater utilisation of FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme) protection.

Eliminate Hassle

Eliminate Hassle

Sign just one agreement, then manage all your account selection and opening effortlessly online using the Flagstone platform, without any further paperwork.

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Flagstone is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Clients have no credit exposure to Flagstone at any time. All of the UK banks who provide accounts on the platform are regulated by both the FCA and the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA).

Informed choices

Informed choices

Every account available on the Flagstone platform comes with clear and transparent analysis of the financial strength of the bank providing it, enabling you to easily assess and compare the relative credit strength of each bank before making a selection.

Total control

Total control

Maintain full control of your money with 24/7 secure online access to your portfolio. The platform will also provide you with a portfolio summary, consolidated monthly statements and an annual interest summary for tax reporting.


Making a charity's cash work harder by a multiple of 5.7x

A UK charity was looking to maximise interest income and minimise risk.

Challenge: The charity had £340,853 on deposit with a single bank earning 0.10%. The charity wanted to optimise their interest income but were also anxious to carefully manage their risk exposure by spreading their monies across a range of banks to better utilise FSCS cover*.

How Flagstone helped: Using Flagstone’s platform filters to identify the accounts that met their liquidity needs and Flagstone's clear and transparent financial strength scoring analysis (and Financial Strength Scores) to ensure that each of the banks met their requirements, they quickly and efficiently diversified their deposits across four banks on completion of just one application form.

* Currently £85,000 per authorised bank per depositor (as at 10 October 2017).

The result
  • Deposit


  • Previous
    Interest Rate


  • New
    Interest Rate


By opening accounts with four banks, the charity was able to secure FSCS cover for the full amount of its deposit. The four accounts provided a blended rate of 1.03% meaning that the charity was able to generate £3,502 per annum in interest income rather than £341.

More interest. Less risk.

If your charity holds its excess cash in an account earning little or no interest, it’s time for a smarter approach.

Flagstone’s unique cash platform gives your charity access to hundreds of deposit accounts at the click of a button, empowering it to earn more interest income and minimise risk.


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Flagstone is shortlisted for 'Best Fintech Partnership' 2017

Shortlisted for the Best Fintech Partnership at the UK Finance and London Institute of Banking & Finance Financial Innovation awards 2017, celebrating customer excellence in banking and finance.