How our platform works

Spread your money across multiple banking partners and accounts through one simple application.

Secure, grow and manage your cash - quickly and simply

Become a Flagstone International client

Apply online for your single Flagstone International account, supported by our expert and trusted client service team. No need to complete paperwork for multiple banks.

Transfer funds from your bank to your Flagstone International account (Minimum £250K or equivalent in available currencies).

Browse and choose from multiple banks and deposit accounts

Our platform provides access to a range of competitive accounts from multiple investment grade banks – enabling you to maximise interest and diversify your funds.

Place and move your deposits between your selected banks

Meet changing needs, plans and aspirations with complete visibility of your entire portfolio.

Withdraw money from your holding account at any time

Once your deposits mature, funds are returned to your holding account and then can be withdrawn to your own bank account at any time.

Your money, your way

Complete control over your portfolio and immediate visibility of all your money. Move, place or spread your deposits, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Opening your account

The Flagstone International platform is available to individual and joint applicants, companies and trusts, with £250K equivalent or more to deposit.

Transferring funds

Once set up, simply transfer funds to your Flagstone International holding account.

Multiple accounts

After funding your Flagstone International holding account, browse, open and manage as many deposit products as you need, including instant access, notice and fixed-term accounts.

Complete control

You are in control. Manage your money - quickly and easily - via our highly secure Flagstone International platform. Move, place or spread your deposits - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - with no additional applications to complete.

Peace of mind

Complete visibilty of all your money. View consolidated information across all of your deposit accounts, including a single tax certificate at the end of the year.

Make your money work harder

Open an account with Flagstone International and start growing your money today.

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Frequently asked questions

How does the platform work?

Using our platform is simple.

  1. Apply for one Flagstone International account.
  2. Move funds from your bank to your Flagstone International account.
  3. Browse and choose from a range of competitive deposit products on our online platform.
  4. Spread your money across multiple banks and deposit products.
How are you able to offer competitive rates?

Being a leading cash deposit platform, the volume of deposits placed with us, and the relationships developed with our partner banks gives us access to exclusive deposit rates for our clients.

Will I receive tax return statements?

Our platform provides immediate visibility of all your money, including consolidated information across all your cash deposit accounts, and a single tax certificate at the end of the year.

What are your fees?

Flagstone International takes a share of the interest paid by the bank on each deposit product. The interest rates you see on our platform already reflect the deduction of any share of interest. For full details please see our terms and conditions which are available upon request.

Can I split my deposits across multiple banks?

Through a single Flagstone International account, you can use our secure online platform to open as many deposit accounts with as many different banks as you require, in just a matter of clicks.

You can complete all these transactions via our online and secure platform 24/7, without any further paperwork.

Does Flagstone select the deposit accounts for me?

No, using the online Flagstone International platform you have full control of which banks you choose to deposit your money with, and which accounts you open. Only the client can make decisions on where the deposits are placed.

Where is my Flagstone account held?

When you transfer money to your Flagstone International account, it is deposited into a ‘holding account’ provided by HSBC (Jersey). The holding account is a segregated trust account set up to receive and hold funds before they are sent on to a deposit account. When a deposit account matures or a request for the return of instant access or notice account deposits is made, the funds are returned to the holding account provided by HSBC (Jersey).

Who can open a Flagstone International Account

The Flagstone International platform is available to individuals, corporates, funds and trusts looking to deposit a minimum of £250K / US$ 250K / EUR 250K.

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