40 Exclusive Interest Rates - Accessible Only Via Flagstone

40 Exclusive Interest Rates Accessible Only Via Flagstone This Week

Market-leading, exclusive rates not available on the high street or online.

Flagstone clients can currently benefit from 40 exclusive interest rates[1], accessible only via the UK’s leading cash deposit platform[2].

Four examples available to individuals and corporate clients include market-leading rates for instant access deposits (0.80%), 35-day notice account deposits (0.90%), 95-day notice account deposits (1.05%) and six-month fixed term deposits (1.05%). 

Choose from 250+ accounts at the click of a button[3]

Flagstone partners with 51 banks including HSBC, Barclays, Santander and Nationwide, providing clients with a choice of over 250 instant access, notice and term deposit accounts in either sterling, US dollars or euros.

The place for clients’ cash to prosper

With access to all of this in one place, individuals, business and charities can spread and grow their money, safe in the knowledge that they’re protecting the potential of their cash, so that they can plan for the future with confidence.


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[1] Correct as at 20/09/21. Interest rates on the platform change daily and can go up or down.

[2] As at 20/09/21 Flagstone provides the greatest choice of banks and deposit products of any UK cash deposit platform.

[3] Different banks, accounts and rates will be available to you on the platform dependent upon whether you are an individual, looking to open a joint account, or acting on behalf of a company, charity, trust, SIPP or SSAS. The number of accounts available to clients may also be reduced dependent upon their domicile, residency and other factors. 



Access our exclusive rates on the Flagstone platform

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